Renewaball 4 tennis balls

Renewaball 4 tennis balls

Renewaball 4 Tennis Balls: make your tennis game more sustainable with our tube of 4 eco-friendly balls. ITF approved performance on any court. Choose Renewaball for a greener tennis sport!

4 pressurized tennis balls.
✓ Type 2, all court.
✓ Organic felt (wool, cotton), woven.
✓ Packed in a recyclable pressurized package.

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Product information

Renewaball, the world's first and only circular ball. A game-changing innovation in tennis balls. Used tennis balls provide feedstock for Renewaballs. This tube contains four pressurized, type 2, all court balls. Renewaball tennis balls are durable and ITF approved.

Key Features:

Renewaball tennis balls uniquely have a 100% biological cloth, woven from local (European) wool and a tiny bit of cotton. It is the only tennis ball with zero plastic fibre in its felt. So no microplastic particles in the air, when hit. Renewaball rubber comes from used balls collection containers in Europe, substantially reducing both travel kilometers and the use of virgin natural rubber.

Our tennis balls are engineered to meet the global ITF performance standards. Being pressurized, they have a consistent bounce, allowing you to play with precision and confidence on any type of tennis court. Renewaballs are ITF approved.

Renewaballs come in a fully recyclable tube, reducing waste and minimizing ecological impact. With Renewaball there's always a winner: if not you, it's a reduced climate impact. Join us in making tennis more sustainable!

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